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Adopting a New Friend

We are so glad that you are considering adoption! Adding to your family is a lifelong commitment and it should never be taken lightly. Please consider that fact that ownership of a new pet can be costly. However, your new loyal friend provides the kind of unconditional love and companionship is priceless.

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Steps to Adoption

  1. Make sure you, your family and your home are ready for the commitment. Are you looking for an energetic running partner or a quiet companion?
  2. Take a little time to research information about certain breeds and see how they fit into your life and their special needs.
  3. Make your home is “pet friendly”. Just like humans, animals do better with a structured living space. Check into supplies and make safety updates before adoption. Chemicals and insecticides should be safely put way and antifreeze can be deadly to animals. Don’t forget your fencing and gates. If you are renter, talk your landlord and make sure you are not violating your lease.
  4. Check your local animal ordinances and make sure you are not exceeding the animal limit.
  5. Complete your adoption questionnaire before coming in to Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.
  6. Look online for the dogs, cats, kittens & puppies, and other animals ready for adoption. Or better yet, come visit us and find that perfect friend.

Success Stories

I adopted Ronan about 3 weeks ago .  We have bonded and he is a wonderful cat.  He’s very vocal and I like that as we converse .  It took him about  2 weeks to really settle in and now he plays and has even taken over my chair. I am very happy with him as he was very well behaved right away. He’s a very affectionate cat .  I don’t regret  adding him to my home.
Daren L. Higginbotham

His name was Hitchcock and we named him Denver. He’s doing so well and he’s so smart. Our family really enjoys him and his energy he brings to the house. He loves playing with kids and squeaky toys. He gets along with everyone around him and he gives great hugs and kisses. We all love him very much.



Just wanted to let you guys know that Elsa is settling in so nicely! She has plenty of puppy clothes to keep her warm, she loves her big adopted dog-mom, and she loves snuggling in the human bed! She’s super sweet and she’s so happy that the snow is melting so she can finally run and play outside. She’s just the best.
Thanks so much!
Hannah, Kyle, Aowyn, and Elsa



Hello! This is Nia, once known as Ali to the yvas staff.  I am very late in writing this story, but we are both about to embark on a new stage in life and I thought it would still be nice to share.  I have had Nia for about two years now, and she has been nothing but a best friend and companion.  She loves the high Sierra dog park, and loves going to day care at The Dog Spot and playing with her friends.  When she is home her favorite things are chewing on her bones and sliding across the kitchen floor chasing after a ball or toy.  After all that play time she gets tired and loves to curl up on the couch and relax and nap.  I have some very exciting news that I would love to share with her but explaining things to dogs is very difficult.  Nia and I will be moving to Hawaii in the spring! She will be able to play on one of their many dog beaches and can enjoy the warm weather all year round.  I just thought it would be nice to hear from a truly successful adoption story.
~Andrew and Nia



Here is Ramona 2 weeks after adoption.  We have renamed her Chloe.  She enjoys waking us up in the morning by licking our eyeballs and hanging out with dad watching the Patriots play.  She plays with the other cats well. Love her.


Rocky has now been with us for about three weeks! He is a very happy pup who loves his long walks to the river to play fetch. He loves a nice soccer or tennis ball and at the end of the day is very happy to be invited up to sleep at the foot of the bed.  Rocky is very happy in his new home, and we are thrilled to have him here!
-Meg and Elijah



I adopted Charlie in November and what a treasure. I have raised and trained Shih tzus and he is just a wonderful dog and I was looking for one due to needing a companion and dog to spoil. I can’t get over his smiles and he is so happy with anyone and easy going. We built him a ramp so he can get up on my bed easily and he always a couch potato and loves car rides. We go for walks outside all the time and he loves the snow. I will always look to adopt a dog from now on for it is a wonderful experience. Terese Luther


Jasper (a.k.a. Octavius) has been loving West Yellowstone. We got him with a cold and we have been treating him. He definitely feels better. He loves to play with us, cuddle between us at nights and be lazy whenever he can. Jasper loves it here! Thank you for giving people chances to find their perfect pet!



Odie is AMAZING.  Best decision EVER!! He makes us so happy. The girls adore him as does Bo!!


We adopted Barry on December 5th 2015. It took him no time to become the spoiled little kitten he is. Here he is with his doggy best friend Scooby. They always lay like this and take naps together. Barry definitely completed our little family.