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Adopting a New Friend

Adoption Policy

We are so glad that you are considering adoption! Adding to your family is a lifelong commitment and it should never be taken lightly. Please consider that fact that ownership of a new pet can be costly. However, your new loyal friend provides the kind of unconditional love and companionship is priceless.

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Steps to Adoption

  1. Make sure you, your family and your home are ready for the commitment. Are you looking for an energetic running partner or a quiet companion?
  2. Take a little time to research information about certain breeds and see how they fit into your life and their special needs.
  3. Make your home is “pet friendly”. Just like humans, animals do better with a structured living space. Check into supplies and make safety updates before adoption. Chemicals and insecticides should be safely put way and antifreeze can be deadly to animals. Don’t forget your fencing and gates. If you are renter, talk your landlord and make sure you are not violating your lease.
  4. Check your local animal ordinances and make sure you are not exceeding the animal limit.
  5. Complete your adoption questionnaire before coming in to Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.
  6. Look online for the dogscats, kittens and puppies and other animals ready for adoption. Or better yet, come visit us and find that perfect friend.

Pets of the Week

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Success Stories

Cloe Jo

Cloe Jo is the perfect big sister for Cora Jean. They get along so well. She is the best big sister we could have ever imagined. Taking them on walks is so enjoyable, you cannot help but smile. My heart is filled with love and joy. I am so excited she is a member of our family. Thank you.



We thought we should update you on Hunter.  He is doing so well and having fun with our other dog, Isabelle and cat, Dash.  He also has a blast with other dogs in our family and in our huge yard. He also has basic training down pat and we have considered some agility training down the road because he is a great runner and jumper. He may be a big boy but he is all puppy and so fun.  He also enjoys our walks and we are working on some leash training, he is such a fast learner.  Hunter has a lot of energy, but at the same time is content relaxing at home.  Thank you so much for our wonderful addition to the family!


Xena is doing great. I’m pretty sure this is her first ever heavy snowfall. She was nervous about the snow at first but tonight I got her to go in and she ran and ran!  I’m going to have to send a video next time. She really loves being around me, she thinks I am her chair. Thank you again for being supportive of the adoption. We have made know happy dog and she has made one happy family!


Rusty is doing great! He is really a very good dog and SO happy all of the time. He has WAY more energy than I thought he would. He goes on at least two walks a day, sometimes three and he still wants to play with his squeaky toys afterwards. He and Roxie are becoming fast friends, especially out on our walks in the farm fields and up in Red Lodge. Best part? He’s a snuggler!!! Super sweet dog!  I am so glad that you guys took such good care of him and that you allowed him to become my dog!



Hey everyone at YVAS! I adopted Dudley, the border collie. He’s the BEST cuddler, cow dog, super friendly, and coming out of his shell more and more each day! My dad takes him every where he goes. Right now they’re both hunting up at our lake house in the mountains.



Our family adopted Sydney in October. She was potty trained in two weeks and absolutely is a sweetie. She loves playing with squeaky toys and has been known to take a few shoes outside. She doesn’t chew them and eventually brings them back in :). We love her very much. ? Thanks, The Watson Family



A quick hello from Punkin our Pumpkin who was adopted in June. She is doing great! Thank you for all you do!




We adopted Swede on November 8th and as you can tell he has fit in very well at our house! We absolutely adore him and he is a wonderful family dog! I couldn’t be more proud to have adopted a senior dog. Thank you YVAS for completing our family!!

Meghan LaCroix

Hello, my name is Ashley and I adopted a miniature dachshund from you guys about a year and a half ago.
So Mr.Peabody is doing great! He is super playful and loves playing with anything he can find. He is also quite the snuggler as well though. I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing companion and let you know he is happy. He is such a blessing. He has the sweetest little face.

I wanted to send you an update on Perry Bones. Since I brought him home I decided to shorten his name to Perry J. There wasn’t a transition at all- he was at home right from the start. He is such a love! He loves people and I think that is a great quality.  I work from home and usually in the mornings he sits with me at my desk and watches out the window. He has a new rabbit friend outside that he would LOVE to “meet”… but I’m a mean mom and only let him watch from the window. Everyone that has met him loves him and he has certainly added some much needed companionship to my life. He’s a very sweet and good kitty- thank you all for taking care of him.