How to Adopt at YVAS

At the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, we strive to help you find the best match for your home.  

Step 1 - Complete an Adoption Application

The first step to adopting any cat begins with a simple application.  Applications can be filled out ahead of time, or you can complete them in person at the shelter.  This application will help staff get a quick snapshot of your home, lifestyle, needs/wants for a new pet, etc.  Our staff will then use their knowledge of the current population to give you suggestions and help you select the right cat.

Applicants must be at least 18 years or older and bring a photo ID.  Not only is pet ownership a big responsibility, but our adoption contracts are also legal documents that require the signatures of an adult.

Step 2 - Meet and Greets

Since this pet will be a new member of your family, we hope that your household has a thorough discussion and everyone approves.  While we strongly encourage family meets at YVAS, we do not require them for cats.

Step 3 - Verifying Rental Pet Policies

If you rent your home, be sure to verify your pet policy with your landlord prior to adopting.

Step 4 - Making it Official

After you’ve found the cat and have an approved application, then we make it official!  The adoption paperwork takes about 30 minutes.  For this final step, we will need a photo ID, adoption fees, a few signatures, and you’re set.  YVAS is only able to accept cash, debit cards, or credit cards, excluding American Express.

We realize it is a bit of a process to adopt, but we promise it is well worth it!  

Adopting Cats

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