City of Billings Animal Licenses

Per City ordinance, all dogs and cats residing within the Billings city limits are required to have a city license.  

Licenses can be purchased in person at YVAS or from most veterinary clinics in Billings.  To purchase a City license at the shelter, you will need to bring a copy of your animal’s current rabies certificate.  To purchase a license via mail, click on this link and be sure to follow all of the instructions on the form.  

Your animal is required to wear its City license tag as well as its rabies tag when it leaves your property; however, your pet is not required to wear either tag when it’s at home.  


Altered (the animal is spayed/neutered):

    • One year license – $7.50
    • Three-year license – $15.00
    • One year license (senior discount**) – $3.75
    • Three year license (senior discount**) – $7.50

**Senior licensing discounts apply to persons 65 years and older.

Unaltered (the animal is not spayed/neutered):

    • One year license – $30.00
    • Three year – $80.00
    • One year (senior discount**) – $15.00
    • Three year (senior discount**) – $40.00

**Senior licensing discounts apply to persons 65 years and older.

Replacement tags can be purchased for $2.50.

Other Permits:

Small Animal Permits – $30 per year – must be purchased in addition to individual licenses when four or more animals (dogs/cats) reside in one home.

While chickens and bees are now allowed within City limits, owners must possess permits to own them.  These specialty permits can only be purchased at the Billings Animal Control office. This office is located in the back of the building at 1735 Monad Road.  

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