What is the Single Mama Special?

Got a mama cat or dog with babies and aren’t sure what to do? Call us and we will get you signed up for our Single Mama Special! For $80 for cats or $100 for dogs, we will spay your mama cat/dog, provide mama’s vaccinations, and provide medical care & adoption services for all of her babies.

How the Program Works:

Step #1 – Call 406-294-7387 and make an appointment for the Single Mama Special.

Step #2—Bring in the mama cat and all of her kittens for a check-up. The kittens will receive their first vaccinations. At this appointment, you will also pay a $80-$100 fee to cover the cost of the mama spay. She will not be spayed until the kittens/puppies are old enough to be weaned.

Step #3 – We enroll the kittens/puppies in our Foster Program, and you take them back home until they are eight weeks of age and/or weigh two pounds.  Please note that you will be responsible for bringing them back every two weeks for booster vaccinations until they are old enough to be fixed.  We can also supply you with supplies for the kittens/puppies if needed.

Step #4—Once the kittens/puppies are eight weeks old and/or weigh two pounds, they and their mama will be scheduled to return to the shelter for their spays/neuters. Mama will return home with you, and the kittens/puppies will stay at YVAS to find new, loving homes.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Babies must be under six (6) months old.
  • The entire litter must be surrendered to/adopted through YVAS once they are old enough to be weaned.
  • Participants will agree to foster the babies in their home until they are at least eight (8) weeks old.
  • Babies must be returned to YVAS every two (2) weeks for scheduled medical exams and vaccinations.

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