Training & Behavior

Dog obedience training is a vital aspect of responsible pet ownership and can provide many benefits for both dogs and their owners.  Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter is pleased to offer several resources for dog owners using positive reinforcement and proactive training methods proven to produce happy responses and long-lasting results.

Training through Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter:

Obedience Classes:

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter hosts both Puppy and Beginner obedience classes at our Learning Center.  Classes are held in six-week increments.

Registration is required for YVAS’s obedience classes, so please view our Special Events calendar for upcoming classes and for information on how to get signed up.  We will be offering more classes in the future, so be sure to check back soon!

Partnership with GoodPup:

YVAS is excited to announce our new partnership with GoodPup!  GoodPup’s training methods offer one-on-one video calls, at-home, on your schedule, with trainers ready to help 24/7.  Their expert trainers can help owners learn essential skills and solve unwanted dog behaviors.  As an additional bonus, YVAS receives a donation from GoodPup for every customer who signs up using this link!

Other Local Training Resources:

  • Intelligent Canine:
      • 406-200-1341
  • Cross Tier K9:
      • 406-855-4921
  • Yellowstone Canine:
    • 406-500-2275
  • Blue Creek Canine:
      • 406-679-3826
  • Billings K9 Coaching:
      • 406-672-2272
  • Fly Creek Kennels:
      • 406-967-3044
  • Dragorra Training Center:
      • 406-697-7963
  • PetSmart:
      • 406-656-2309 or 406-371-4890
  • Prison Paws:
      • 406-247-5162
  • Dog Tag Buddies:
      • 406-969-1227

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