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A139661 Buddy.jpg
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This boy has got an adventurous soul with a heart as big as his wanderlust! Buddy has found himself back at YVAS for the 13th time, not through any fault of his own. Buddy’s wanderlust often leads him astray, but his spirit remains undeterred. Buddy’s first arrival at our shelter was as a stray puppy, sporting a cast on his broken leg. It was evident that someone had cared for him, yet no owner ever came forward. He has since made a full recovery and it hasn’t slowed him down in life one bit! Despite his rough-and-tumble play style with other dogs, Buddy’s affectionate nature shines through, especially when he’s one-on-one with his human companions. Food is the way to Buddy’s heart, and he’s utterly enamored with his toys. While he may put on a tough exterior in his kennel, once outside, he transforms into a playful and loving companion! Buddy is seeking a home where his adventurous spirit can be celebrated, where he can play to his heart’s content, and where he’ll be cherished for the affectionate soul he truly is.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: A139661
Breed: Pitbull mix
Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Weight: 46 lbs
Color: Tan & Cream