A147026 Cassian 2.jpg


Cassian is a special boy. He was very fearful when he first came into our care, so it took a few days to gain his trust and help him realize he was safe. And now he thinks we’re the best! Cass is a reactive dog, they are often labeled as “aggressive,” being called “bad dogs” on the daily. But Cass is far from being a bad boy, and despite opinions of those who think they know otherwise – WE know he’s full of potential. He is insanely smart, but you also have to be smart enough to own this type of dog! Cassian’s momma did really good at teaching him “stranger danger,” so he can be very vocal/standoffish when first meeting him.. but he warms up super quick. We like to say he “barks with his whole face,” which can be intimidating; but he’s just making sure you hear him! He is still working on his manners, so jumping on people and nipping at you to get your attention/play with you is something he is working on. This handsome man would benefit greatly from someone that actually knows how to handle dogs like him, and can continue to work with him on progressing! He does great with other dogs, but plays like a puppy.. so some dogs don’t like that. He has potential to do well with mature children that understand/respect dogs, and will bond very closely to his person!

*Cassian is being housed in a quieter area of the shelter, please speak with a staff member if you are interested in meeting him.*


Current Status: Available
Arms ID: A147026
Breed: Catahoula mix
Sex: Male
Age: 11 months
Weight: 46lbs
Color: Blue Merle & White