A149396 Wam Bam Alacazam.jpg


Meet Wam Bam Alacazam, the sweet but shy kitten. Wam Bam is a timid little thing and may take some time to warm up to new people and surroundings. But once he gets to know you, she’ll show her affection with soft purrs and gentle nuzzles. He loves to be petted, especially behind the ears and under the chin, and will often close his eyes in contentment. Wam Bam is also a playful kitten, he loves to chase after toys and play with balls of yarn, but tends to do it quietly, not to draw too much attention to himself. Despite his shyness, Wam Bam is a very loving and affectionate kitten. He’ll make a great companion for someone who is patient and willing to give him the time he needs to come out of his shell. With his soft fur and big round eyes, Wam Bam Alacazam is a cute little bundle of love waiting to be discovered.

Current Status: Adopted
Kitten or Puppy: Kitten
Arms ID: A149396
Breed: DSH
Sex: Male
Age: 6 months
Color: Black and White
Microchip: Scanned, no chip