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ADOPTED! 12-2!

Tommy is not your average cat – he’s a big, shy guy with a heart as soft as his fur. This gentle giant may be a bit reserved at first, but beneath his timid exterior lies a soulful friend yearning for a loving connection. Tommy’s shyness is a testament to the depth of his sensitivity. He may take a bit of time to open up, but once you’ve earned his trust, you’ll find a loyal and devoted companion. Imagine the joy of discovering the subtle ways Tommy expresses his love, from gentle head nudges to the quiet purrs that resonate with affection.

Adopt Tommy, and embark on a journey of quiet companionship with this gentle giant. Let his soft meows be the soundtrack to a lifetime of love and warmth.

Current Status: Adopted
Arms ID: A155226
Breed: DSH
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Color: Brown tabby