A158618 Matt the mat cat 2.JPG
A158618 Matt the mat cat 2.JPG
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Matts adoption fee has been sponsored!

Meet Matt, a 15-year-old senior cat whose heart overflows with love and tranquility. This distinguished gentleman adores gentle head scratches, curling up for cozy naps, and sharing quiet, intimate moments. Matt’s calming presence is like a warm embrace, making every day a little brighter. If you’re seeking a loyal companion to bring serenity and joy into your life, come meet Matt the Mat Cat. He’s ready to go home with you today, don’t miss out on the chance to let this sweet, soulful cat make your home complete!

Current Status: Adopted
Arms ID: A158618
Breed: DLH/Siamese
Sex: Male
Age: 15 years/Senior
Color: Lynx point
Microchip: Scanned, no chip