Available at the west end PetSmart!

Meet Bib, the affectionate and playful cat who is ready to become your new best friend! Bib is a delightful feline with a personality that will instantly capture your heart. Bib is full of energy and loves to play. Whether it’s chasing after toys or engaging in a fun game of hide-and-seek, she’s always up for some fun and excitement. Her playful nature is matched only by her affectionate side, as she loves to cuddle up and spend quality time with her favorite humans. One of Bib’s most charming traits is her talkative nature. She enjoys engaging in “conversations” and will keep you entertained with her adorable meows and purrs. Whether you’re having a quiet day at home or a lively gathering, Bib will be right there, adding her own special touch to the atmosphere. Bib is looking for a loving forever home where she can share her playful spirit and affectionate personality. If you’re searching for a cat who will bring joy, laughter, and lots of love into your life, Bib is the perfect companion for you. Adopt Bib today and experience the joy of having this wonderful cat as part of your family!

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: A158720
Breed: DMH
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 9.40 lbs
Color: Gray & White