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Meet Elton, a lovable dog who may start off a bit shy but quickly blossoms into a bundle of energy and joy. Once he feels at home, Elton’s playful side takes over, and he loves nothing more than running around outside and engaging in spirited play. His enthusiasm for the outdoors makes him an ideal companion for an active family who enjoys spending time in nature. After a long day of fun, Elton would love nothing more than to come inside and cuddle, sharing his warmth and affection. With a little patience, you’ll see Elton’s true personality shine through, revealing a fun-loving and affectionate friend. Adopt Elton and let him bring his unique blend of shyness, exuberance, and snuggles into your life!

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: A158770
Breed: Hound mix
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years
Color: Black & Brown w/ some White
Microchip: Scanned, no chip