A159104 Sweet Pea.jpg


Meet Sweet Pea, an independent yet incredibly affectionate feline who knows how to balance her alone time with moments of loving companionship. This delightful kitty cherishes her autonomy, often exploring her surroundings with a curious spirit. However, when she’s ready to relax, Sweet Pea transforms into a bundle of affection, seeking out your lap for gentle pets and warm cuddles. Her unique blend of independence and warmth makes her the perfect companion for those who appreciate a cat with a well-rounded personality. If you’re looking for a loving and self-assured feline friend, Sweet Pea is the perfect addition to your home, bringing both affection and a touch of spirited adventure.

Current Status: Adopted
Arms ID: A159104
Breed: DSH
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Color: Gray Tabby
Microchip: Scanned, no chip