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If you’re interested in adopting Chill, contact her caregiver directly at 406-694-3395 or

Meet Chill. Chill lived her life in a small, quiet apartment with one person. Her owner passed away recently. In her current foster situation she is comfortable and safe, but she is contending with a larger space, two people, more noise and another cat. After a month, Chill and the other female cat are not the best of friends, but they’re not fighting either. Chill suffers from constipation. She needs a strict wet food diet, and someone cleaning her litter box daily to monitor her bowel movement consistency. She is surprisingly playful for her age. She loves a laser pointer and catnip! She’s active first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon and early evening. Chill is a loving cat with the sweetest temperament. She is a good listener and understands “no”. She loves lap time. Chill would be blissfully happy in a very specific home. She needs a quiet homebody. A retired person with lots of time and attention to give her would be ideal. Her cute face, her adorable squeak for a meow, the way she wants to use your hand as a pillow and keeps reaching with her paws to make sure you’re still there, or the hilarious way she hops downstairs like a rabbit, will make you fall in love with her. Chill will bring joy to your life and be your best friend forever. Please call if you’d like to meet her.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing expires 12-28
Breed: DSH
Sex: Female
Age: 13 years