If you are interested in adopting Eloura, please contact her caregiver, Tyr, directly at 406-370-5817 or tyrhawk@yahoo.com

Ella is just about everything you might want in a dog. She’s smart-enough to know over 30 voice commands, and is both leash and e-collar trained. She’s housebroken, crate-trained, and excellent with both kids and cats. She’s loving and loyal, and won’t chase rabbits into the street, even off her leash (we broke her of that one REAL fast). And though Kelpies are herding dogs, they’re one of the few breeds with a known “off-switch,” so Ella is happy to lay down next to you for a few hours before wanting another run, if that’s what you need. Really, the only reason we’re looking to give her up is that she doesn’t really like other dogs.To Ella, other dogs are fine for a “Hello, how do you do?”, and maybe even a game if it’s the right dog (we’ve met two), but after that she just wants to go back to doing her own thing. When other dogs won’t leave her be, she gets anxious, and so she’s best when she’s the only dog around, something we just can’t provide right now. And, really, with those floppy ears, do you even need a second dog?

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing Expires: 10-16
Breed: Kelpie mix
Sex: Female
Age: 4 Years
Color: Black