A144614 Mipsy 2.jpg
A144614 Mipsy 2.jpg
A144614 Mipsy.jpg


Mipsy is a sweet girl who really benefits from a home environment. The shelter is a stressful environment for even the most social animals, so naturally some cats like Mipsy will require more than a simple judging glance to know her true personality. When you spend even a little quality time with her, she becomes a melt-in-your-arms, purring sweet baby. She has thrived in her foster home as a loyal, sweet and outgoing cat but is having some trouble getting a second look from people who only see her shying away from seeing people in a stressful situation. We ask that you come down and spend some time getting to know Mipsy and we’re sure you’ll understand why we love this girl and why she will give you her whole heart.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: A144614
Breed: DSH
Sex: Female
Age: 1 Year
Color: Black and White