If you’re interested in adopting Loki, contact his caregiver directly at 406-281-0938 or [email protected].

Loki is a very sweet, friendly, and beautiful dog. We believe he is a chocolate lab/retriever mix. We adopted him close to a year ago. He does fantastic with our other dog, a much older male red heeler, however, we do not have any cats so we do not know how he reacts with them. He is very gentle with our two little girls and is friendly with any guests we have.

The only negative tendency about Loki, being a young and adventurous dog, is he like to escape if there is an open door. In our household we have little ones constantly running in and out of the house so he has plenty of opportunity for going on an adventure. Loki would be perfect for someone with the patience/knowledge on how to steer him away from his bad habit and who would love a gentle giant by their side.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing expires 8-9
Breed: Retriever/Lab Mix
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years