If you’re interested in adopting Rowan, contact her caregiver directly at 406-671-3074 or

Rowan is a very sweet mastiff who loves to be with her humans. She recently weighed in at just over 100 lbs, which is small for the breed and she eats once a day, about 3 cups of dry food. She enjoys being outside and playing for short periods, she is not a high-activity dog but she loves petting and attention. She and our family went through puppy training at PetSmart and she is a very smart dog. A new owner would have success training her to their preferences. She just had a vax and rabies shot and she is micro-chipped. Rowan came to live with me and my kids when her primary owner, a former partner of mine, passed away. So, while we consider Rowan our dog, our new home, after the split with my partner, is not ideal for Rowan and we are not best a keeping her trained. Also, with my children moving out there are periods of Rowan being home alone that are not good for her. I feel that a more attentive owner with a different lifestyle that allows for more time to Rowan would make a better life for her.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing expires 12-14
Breed: High Country Mastiff
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years
Color: Tan/black