If you are interested in adopting Sketch, please contact her caregiver, Erika, directly at 406-325-2688 or erikalgh@yahoo.com

This is Sketch. She is the softest Cream Point you’ve ever pet. She was born in 2006, & we rescued her in 2007. She had one litter of 5 kittens before we got her spayed in 2008. She loves people. Absolutely the best lap cat you can find. She just wants to be near her humans. She doesn’t get along with any other animals. Hates dogs, & will attack other cats on sight. The only cat she ever bonded with passed away in 2017, & she will not accept another animal in his place. We’re looking to place her with a stay-at-home human that can give her all the love & attention she deserves. We recently installed a security system, & have discovered that while we’re at work, & school, all she does is roam around the house crying, & yowling, & looking for us. As much as I’d like to retire 20 years early & stay home with her, it just isn’t possible right now. She is safe with us, & I won’t be sending her away until we can find her a perfect match. Please let us know if you, or anyone else you know is looking for a companion cat that just wants to be loved.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing Expires: 12-12
Breed: DSH/Siamese
Sex: Female
Age: 15 years
Color: Cream Point