If you are interested in adopting Sparky, please contact his caregiver, Linda, directly at 406-647-5217 or lindajean77@hotmail.com

Sparky was born November 2010 . I’ve made his birthday November 15th no particular reason for the day. He was initially adopted by my husband and I but when we divorced , I got Sparky and he got the other cat. Sparky has been around only me since the divorce. He is quite shy. He is an indoor / outdoor cat. I recommend that he be kept inside for at least 3 months while he adjusts to his new home. He is gentle and sweet. He likes to get up next to my pillow at night and I pet him till I’m ready to drift off to sleep. He has never bit anyone. He has never been around children. But I think he would do well around older teens as long as they are calm. He will likely retreat if caught in a fight with another cat. He needs sensitive stomach food and food that treats urine crystals. I feed him Hills prescriptions I/d (intestinal diet) and urinary care c/d. I get both through Chewey . You can get it at PetSmart but will need a prescription from the vet Cewey will need a prescription too. He is current on all his shots. It just breaks my heart to have to let my Sparky go. He has been my baby, my companion and at times my therapist. It would do my heart so much good to know he went to a loving home.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing Expires: 10-21
Breed: Maine Coon mix
Sex: Male
Age: 11 years