If you’re interested in adopting Tika, contact her caregiver directly at 707-791-0122 or [email protected].

Tika is a wonderful senior pup who needs to find her perfect home. Tika is a healthy, friendly and sweet lab pit mix. She is estimated to be around 10 years old. She spends most of her days laying by your side. She is good on leash and enjoys slow walks, however walks are not necessary by any means. She is great with other dogs and children of all ages. She has spent many years with infants and toddlers as well as neighbor dogs coming and going. Tika is a rescue and due to her rough past she has separation anxiety. She is not able to be left alone so a person who can be with her at all times is a must, whether that be an elderly individual, someone who has a large family who can share the love with her or can take her as a work companion. Her separation anxiety isn’t to any specific individual just an overpowering fear of being left alone which has led to destructive tendencies. She is more than happy to share her companionship with others as long as a human is by her side. She has lived in an apartment for the past 4 years so a large home or yard isn’t a necessity. All she asks for is a cozy bed and a loving companion. She has truly won our hearts, however the senior who she lived with passed away. I unfortunately have to work along with my husband and due to her destructive tendencies when left alone, she is cratted during our time away. She doesn’t deserve to live her life with this much anxiety, and discomfort. Unfortunately I cannot provide the home she deserves. I can not stress this enough, she needs to be in a home where someone can be with her full time. She is established at a doggy daycare that she loves to attend here in Billings. She would be perfect as a senior home companion. I cannot fathom the thought of putting this sweet girl back into a shelter and so am desperately reaching out in hopes to find the perfect match for her. Please give this wonderful sweet girl the loving home she deserves.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing expires 7-3
Breed: Pit Bull/Lab Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 10 years