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If you are interested in adopting Tyson, please contact his caregiver, Summerlee, directly at 406-591-3950 or summerleeluckow@gmail.com.

Tyson is a 5 year old well bred shepherd, that due to no fault of his own is needing a new home. I have had him for about a year and am not able to provide him with the time he needs. He needs a secure yard with a privacy fence, or a home with property. He is wary of humans until he is introduced. I wouldn’t recommend a home with small children as he has the potential to knock them down accidentally. He has gotten along with all dogs he has been introduced to, and gets along well with cats. He has been around livestock but only minimally, and unsure how he is around poultry. He is incredibly loyal, leash trained and has basic obedience. He will come with a full bag of dog food, and two cases of wet food. He is purebred, but I do not have his papers. He is chipped, and a veterinarian will be able to update that information.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing Expires 12-20
Breed: German Shepherd
Sex: Male
Age: 5 Years
Color: Black and Tan