Purpose of the Foster Program

About Our Foster Program

The YVAS foster program is a network of families who are dedicated to providing temporary care to shelter animals in their own homes. The animals that are sent out to foster are all compromised in some way and are not yet considered “adoptable” whether they are underage or underweight, nursing, are semi-feral and need individualized socialization, or are recovering from an illness or medical procedure. Foster families provide care and attention to these animals until they are ready to come back to the shelter and find their forever home.

What Sort of Commitment is Involved in Fostering?

The length of commitment varies depending on the animal’s individual needs. We can try and estimate the length of time you will have a foster animal, but we can never say for sure. It depends on the foster animal’s progress and growth as well as if we physically have kennel space to bring them back into the shelter. The average length of a foster stay is about 2-6 weeks but it can be longer depending on the reason why they need to be in foster care.

What are the Requirements to be a YVAS Foster?

  • A residence in Billings (or closely surrounding communities)
  • Provide current contact information
  • Flexible schedule for bringing foster animals in for exams during foster staff’s hours
  • Ability to transport fosters to/from YVAS for vaccines every 2 weeks
  • Enough free time to dedicate to the animal’s individual needs
  • Ability to “protect your heart”

Are You A Good Foster Candidate?

Are you able to devote extra time each day to care for the individual needs of the animal(s)?

Are you able to separate foster animals from personal pets and make sure that areas of the house are safe and sanitized?

Are you prepared for the potential of foster animals to carry unforeseen illnesses that may affect you or your personal pets?

Are you aware and able to handle possible sickness or death of an animal?

Are you emotionally able to let the animal go when it is time for adoption?

If you answered yes to these questions, you could be a great candidate for fostering!

If you answered no or if you have any additional questions, please consider attending the foster orientation for more information and clarification.

How to Get Started

The first step in joining the YVAS Foster Program is to attend a Foster Orientation. Sign-up by clicking here

Caring for Fosters

YVAS always tries to provide as many supplies as we can to foster families. It is our goal to supply families with kits that contain items essential to caring for foster animals such as a foster care guide book, food, litter, toys, etc. so that you don’t have to incur the financial burden on your own, however, if families do want to contribute supplies of their own it is appreciated. YVAS runs solely off of donations, so we may not always have everything on hand, nor can we be picky about what brands we have available.

Can YVAS provide a temporary foster home for my pet?

YVAS is unable to provide foster homes for owned-animals.

YVAS is able to provide temporary protection and boarding for pets who are victims of domestic violence or displaced because of it.  With a grant received from Red Rover, YVAS can offer boarding and care, free of charge, for pets of domestic violence victims who seek shelter and services through YWCA.  Click here for more information about this program.

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