Hello Hikers!

Participants should meet at the shelter at 8AM. The hikes will take place once per month on Sunday through early Fall and we will try to go to a different trail head each month.  We will provide you with a crate for transport but you may forego using the crate at your own discretion. Understand the crate is for your safety and theirs. Dog will be loaded in the vehicle and we will all leave together to the trailhead.

Participants should be at least 16 years old. Parent/child duos are able to participate but the adult should be in control of the leash at all times during the hike. The dog must ride in a crate for transport if there is a child in the vehicle. Children accompanying an adult must be at least 10 years old.

What you should bring:
Trail appropriate shoes
Water for yourself and a canine buddy
Snacks or lunch for longer hikes

What is provided:
Collapsible dishes for dog water
Collar and leash
Crate for transport
Dog friend
Some treats

You may want to bring treats or a treat bag.  You are welcome to bring your favorite leash or harness if you have a specific set up that you like. See you at the shelter!