Loose Animal Sighting

If you see a lost dog running loose, but you are not able to safely stop/restrain the dog, call Animal Control at 406-657-8226 and leave a detailed message with the dispatcher. 

If possible, stay on the scene to keep an eye on the dog until help arrives. Make sure you report to authorities precisely where the animal is by using road names, mile markers, or landmarks.  

We also recommend posting the animal’s sighting on the Lost/Found Pets of Billings MT Facebook group.  This group has over 20,000 members and is a great tool for reuniting lost animals with their owners.

Roaming Neighborhood Cats: If you see a cat, leave it where it’s at! 

While it may be concerning to see a cat(s) roaming your neighborhood, YVAS recommends leaving these cats where they are unless they appear sick, injured, or pregnant.  If the cat appears healthy, chances are that it has a home nearby.  Nationwide, less than 2% of stray cats brought to shelters are ever reunited with their owners.  

We understand that free-roaming cats can cause problems; however, instead of displacing an owned cat from their family and neighborhood, here are some other options to try first:

  • Do not feed the cat for at least 48 hours – this will encourage the cat to find its way back home.  A cat in reasonable condition will not be harmed by a lack of food for this time period.  
  • Paper collars – You can use these to verify if a cat is lost, abandoned, or owned.  You can find our free collar template and instructions here.  

Find solutions for safe & effective cat deterrents for your yard and garden, like this video.

Lost & Found Pets