Rehome a Pet

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter helps thousands of pets in need find loving homes each year. We take in companion animals surrendered to us regardless of their health, age, breed, or behavior.  YVAS understands that deciding to surrender a pet can be very difficult for both you and the animal – our staff aims to make this process as easy as possible.  

Surrendered animals are accepted on an appointment-only basis.  To schedule an appointment, call the shelter at 406-294-7387

What to Bring to Your Appointment:

  • A driver’s license or government-issued photo ID.
  • Your pet’s surrender form
  • A behavior profile for your pet: dog, cat, or pocket pet.
  • Any veterinary records you may have. 
  • A surrender fee of $20 per animal. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need to make an appointment?

YVAS needs to ensure resources are ready and available when new animals arrive at the shelter.  Without an appointment process, YVAS would have no control over the number of pets that come into our care, and our ability to provide the best possible care for each animal would be hindered. 

What if I don't want to make an appointment?

YVAS requires an appointment to surrender a pet.  If you don’t want to schedule an appointment, we can refer you to other shelters and rescues in the area or provide you with information to try rehoming the animal yourself.  

Why do I have to pay a surrender or release fee?

The cost to care for and rehome pets can cost YVAS hundreds of dollars per pet.  As a nonprofit organization, we ask for a surrender fee to help subsidize these costs.

If I surrender my pet will they be euthanized?

It is our honor to help find a new, safe home for your beloved pet.  We are frequently asked if YVAS is a “no-kill shelter” or if an animal brought to us is at risk of being euthanized.  YVAS is committed to taking in every animal in need.  Unfortunately, some animals come to us with severe or untreatable illnesses or behavior issues that prevent us from placing them in the community.  If we cannot help an animal become healthy or if it is not suitable for placement, humane euthanasia is the most compassionate alternative.  At all costs, YVAS avoids euthanizing healthy animals.  You can also indicate on your pet’s surrender form to be notified in the event they are not an adoption candidate.  

Click here to read more about YVAS’s save rate and stance on euthanasia.

Do animals have a time limit to get adopted?

There are NO time limits for any of YVAS’s animals.  We’ve had animals get adopted after spending 3-4 months at the shelter and we don’t give up until we find the perfect home.  We use all sorts of methods to highlight our long-stay animals such as social media, news, radio, and more.  Click here to read more about YVAS’s save rate and stance on euthanasia.

Can I find out what happens to my pet after it's surrendered?

If you contact YVAS, we can let you know if your pet was adopted or if he/she is still with us.  We also encourage you to watch our website as we frequently update the status of the animals in our care.  However, we are not able to share adopter contact information with a pet’s previous owner. 

What are some alternatives to surrendering a pet?

If we can find a way for your pet to remain a member of your family, that is our first priority; however, we know that sometimes it’s not possible to keep a pet. Before making the decision to surrender, please consider all of your options. Contact us today to learn more about alternatives to surrendering your pet and other re-homing options. 

YVAS has also decided to offer another option for rehoming a pet: Shelter Skip.  Our Shelter Skip Program is an online platform designed to keep animals out of the shelter through direct home placement.  In other words, pets go from one home to another, skipping the shelter altogether.

Can I temporarily board my pet at the shelter?

YVAS is able to provide temporary protection and boarding for pets who are victims of domestic violence or displaced because of it.  With a grant received from Red Rover, YVAS can offer boarding and care, free of charge, for pets of domestic violence victims who seek shelter and services through YWCA.  Click here for more information about this program.