Shelter Skip: Rehome a Pet

To start the process of finding your pet a new home, simply fill out the form below. Be sure to include 1-3 good, quality photos. Be as thorough as possible in your description to help increase your pet’s likelihood of finding a new home. 

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Please note that your owner information (i.e. name, phone, and/or email) will be listed publicly on your pet's online profile.  Potential adopters will be contacting you directly to make arrangements to meet your pet. 

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I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years or older and I am the legal owner/guardian of this animal.  I understand the following:

  • By submitting this form, my animal will be available for rehoming, pending approval.  Approval can take 48-72 hours.  
  • I cannot charge any fees and that if I do, my pet's post will be removed from the site and future posts may be removed. 
  • My pet's profile will be posted on and possibly on the shelter's social media. 
  • I take sole responsibility for communication with prospective adopters, and the final decision of selecting a new owner for my pet.  The advice given to me by YVAS personnel is for guidance only.  I take full responsibility for all decisions and outcomes relating to rehoming my pet.  
  • I assume responsibility for my own safety and for the safety of my pet.  I will use caution and sound judgment when arranging meetings with strangers, such as meeting in public places and taking a trusted friend along.  I know not to exchange personal information.  If I feel something is not right, I will follow my instinct and act accordingly to protect myself and my pet.  
  • I will do my best to respond to all emails and/or phone calls about my pet, realizing that a non-response could mean losing the best possible future home for my pet.  

I agree to the terms of use listed above