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Adopting a New Friend

We are so glad that you are considering adoption! Adding to your family is a lifelong commitment and it should never be taken lightly. Please consider that fact that ownership of a new pet can be costly. However, your new loyal friend provides the kind of unconditional love and companionship is priceless.

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Steps to Adoption

  1. Make sure you, your family and your home are ready for the commitment. Are you looking for an energetic running partner or a quiet companion?
  2. Take a little time to research information about certain breeds and see how they fit into your life and their special needs.
  3. Make your home is “pet friendly”. Just like humans, animals do better with a structured living space. Check into supplies and make safety updates before adoption. Chemicals and insecticides should be safely put way and antifreeze can be deadly to animals. Don’t forget your fencing and gates. If you are renter, talk your landlord and make sure you are not violating your lease.
  4. Check your local animal ordinances and make sure you are not exceeding the animal limit.
  5. Complete your adoption questionnaire before coming in to Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.
  6. Look online for the dogs, cats, kittens & puppies, and other animals ready for adoption. Or better yet, come visit us and find that perfect friend.

Success Stories


A few years ago our family discussed the decision of adding a member to the family of the canine variety. After deciding it would be good we started the search. We happened to look at the yellowstone valley animal shelter and fell in love with a lab mix. He had been found wandering around the dump with his sister before he was brought to the shelter. He was scared and timid at first but it became evident that he just wanted to be loved. Someone had taken some time to train him on a few commands but then decided to leave him and his sister.During the next week we would visit and play  with him letting the kids interact and get to know one another. We had found the dog that we would welcome into our family. The experience as a whole was amazing. We decided to rename our dog Bear. Bear is a loyal and fun loving dog who enjoys walks, playing fetch, hunting and playing with the kids. Thank you to the YVAS for helping us find our new family member.
Yeager, now known as Rags, (our little raggymuffin) sends his love and appreciation to the employees at YVAS for taking care of him while waiting to be adopted. He is the sweetest little guy with lots of love and kisses and is super happy when he gets to be snuggled. He enjoys his daily walk and playing with his furry brother and sister and his favorite blue ball (or any ball).:) He has brought us so much joy and lots of laughs. Sometimes animals are passed over for being to vocal or other issues. A little extra patience, attention, love and training work wonders. Thank you for your contribution to help all animals find loving homes and especially for the opportunity for us to have Rags.
Dick and Marilyn

Fletcher is an amazing dog and we’re so happy he’s part of our new family; we love playing/ rough-housing with him, taking him for walks/jogs/hikes, and naps on the couch 😛 he’s such a goofball and my wife and I adore him!  He also feels remorse when he does something wrong so we know he’s a good kid 😉 thank you so much for taking him into your shelter and allowing us to adopt him!

Sincerely, JD
Celestia, or Luna as we have renamed her (either the My Little Pony or Sailor Moon references can be used) is doing wonderfully. Shy at first she has become comfortable in our home. She has a “boyfriend” now in our other orange cat Chubbers. The both give each other kisses and snuggle with each other. She enjoys snuggling on my chest when I’m sleeping, being brushed and eating with an audience. She talks to us and lets us know how happy she is to have a new home! Thank you YVAS for saving her for her forever home.

Shane, Mallory, Chubbers and Luna <3



Bob would like everyone to know he is doing great if he could just figure out how to change the tv remote control on his own. Thank you to Yellowstone Animal Shelter for helping him find his forever home.



On Thurs. March 17th 2016 we brought home a new family member. You all would know her as “Zola.” We Lovingly call her “Aspen” in our home. She play’s with her big brother “Timber,” still learning that cats are not toys to chase and travels well to see her cousins in Lewistown. We love her. Thank you.



First we just wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you do! We are truly grateful because without YVAS we wouldn’t have Ellie, and we would most certainly be missing out.We adopted Ellie from YVAS in July 2011. When we saw Ellie we immediately fell in love and couldn’t wait to bring her home. Ellie joins us on our countless adventures and loves exploring as much as we do. She also enjoys shredding stuffed dog toys, popping bubbles, playing fetch & sunbathing, as well as endless belly rubs & ear scratches and sneaking up onto the couch (or our bed!) for a snooze. We welcomed a son in May 2013, and those two have developed an incredibly beautiful bond. They truly are best buds and do EVERYTHING together. She has protected him from day 1, loves sharing his food and playing with him. Our son loves sharing her toys, feeding her his food, reading to her and snuggling her ALL.THE.TIME. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the gift of puppy love many years ago!

The TenHarmsels



Tim Cadwell and I adopted Bear on March 11, 2016. He has been a great addition to our home. He is doing well. He is learning to play ball, he plays with our other dog and loves going on trail rides.  I am attaching some pictures.



Russell is a fun loving boy. He loves walking every day and running in dog  parks. He gets along with the neighbors cat he also likes some  dogs not many. He has really completed our family! He has learned to sit working on other commands!! He is a big dog in a little body. He is a funny little guy! We Love him so much!!!  thank you for letting us adopt him.




I was working at Groomingdale’s when Baby Girl was brought in to be groomed so she could find a new home. It was love at first sight and I knew her home was with me before she was even dry from her bath. She’s been renamed Beatle because she always wants to hold your hand like the Beatle’s song. She’s big and goofy and always has a giant smile on her face. She’s always up for anything and loves to go to the river or play all day with the dogs in daycare. She adores her little sisters and romps all over the house with them. Thank you so much for this fabulous dog! She’s absolutely perfect and exactly what we needed!