If you’re interested in adopting Chica, contact her caregiver directly at 406-425-4794 or [email protected].

Chica is spayed as well as litter/potty trained. She has been an indoor pet since I bought her from a breeder at the age of four months. She is free-range indoors with her own room along with access to part of the main floor of the house, I do not keep her in a cage. She is destructive of the carpet in her room however she leaves hard floors and rugs alone, so she would do best in a home with hard floors and area rugs rather than carpet. Her diet consists of unlimited Timothy hay 24/7, along with leafy greens e.g Romaine lettuce, and fruits as treats. She is friendly and enjoys pets but does not except being picked up or held so if you want a cuddly lap pet she is probably not what you’re looking for. She will do well in a calm indoor environment.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing expires 5-22
Breed: Rabbit - Mini French Lop
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years