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If you are interested in adopting Connor, please contact his caregiver, Travis,  directly at 253-987-0284 or

Connor is a little bit of a goofball, he loves singing, chewing on bones, going on walks, and watching TV. Connor gets along with other dogs and animals, but I believe he would do much better as a single dog, he’s a little standoffish at first. Connor knows his basic commands and listens very well, he will stay right by your side once he warms up to you. He has a little bit of weird diet where he has to eat chicken and rice formula food unless he has the runs, when connor gets fed table scraps he gets gassy. He has a bit of separation anxiety so when I leave the house I kennel him so there’s not temptation for him to chew on stuff, however with a backyard I know he will do amazing. I am very sad that I have to get rid of Connor, but I know that it’s right for him to have a better home than I can provide when I join the military. Thank you for taking time to consider this goofy loveball that will definitely make you laugh.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing Expires: 11-1
Breed: Border Collie mix
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years
Color: Black & White