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If you are interested in adopting Honey, please contact her caregiver, Joyce, directly at  406-702-3829 or joycezinkowich@gmail.com.

Honey is a wonderful six year old Vizsla/Lab mix that we adopted in Feb of 2016. She was a very cute puppy and you can see from a couple baby photos I have added here and has become an equally beautiful six year old. She is fairly high energy and LOVES to fetch balls, her favorite are the squeezable spikey balls that squeek and enjoys exercising her jaws so to hear the squeeking! Altho we have tried, she persists in bringing the ball close but just out of reach , at which point she drops… or if there is a wastepaper basket close to you, a hole you dug for a plant, etc, that is where she will drop the ball . Now sounds like stubborn – best plan I found is to say “too far” and she will try to get it closer. To off set the slightly annoying habit, she has excellant eye/mouth coordination and generally catches her ball unless thrown too far or too hard. She puts on a show with her ability to leap high and catch it and is very fixated on minute movement until the ball leaves your hand. She also knows which ball she brought you and will not fetch if you throw the wrong ball!!!! All that to say, she needs someone who will understand and enjoy her need to fetch and her rules in the game. She lioves men and boys old enough to throw fairly far but she also loves women and is friendly and non aggressive. She enjoys swimming and retrieving sticks, like boat rides , is a good vehicle traveler ( does not pace, whine, etc and does not require frequent potty stops). She is good on a tie out but has never been left unattended on one and always on a coated wire -no rope- tie out. She has lived with cats and is good with cats who respect her. She will try to “boss” them if she thinks they are doing something they should not . She enjoys her “brother’s” company ( a Tibetain Terrier, tolerating his naughtiness well but will let him know when enough is enough! She would like it if they could be adopted together but it is not a deal breaker if not. Honey is sensitive to moods and voices…. and will react in an anxious behavior, taking herself from whatever it is she feels from her mistress/master… and so very loud yelling or banging of fists on tables etc altho it maybe a sports generated enthusiastic response, could have her looking for a room to hide out in. She is also not good in thunderstorms, firework displays, or gun fire at the rifle range. She expects a treat after the first potty in the morning. She eats dry food only ( altho people food is optional according to her) She is very careful when taking her treat or food from hands and know to sit by the word command as well as an upturned palm indicator. She knows wait, and stay …. road trip…. night time….come .. the basics with a couple curve balls added. She may be stubborn at times but not excessively. She is house trained and will let you know when she needs to go but can hold for quick sometime between needing to go out. She is not an habitual barker but has a loud one when she does say something! She can be strong pulling so a harness is advised. She does not jump fences of normal height and is used to being in a fenced yard with dogs and cats in adjoining yards. She will fret when a cat is out prowling as “her” cats are inside only ones. She Honey is not fond of baths or a brush but will tolerate them. Thankfully she does not have a powerful “doggie” odor altho she does shed. She has never been leary of strangers and does not seem to mind uniforms such as UPS and FedEx people. Left in a vehicle, she will bark for a short period of time or if there is a dog in a vehicle next to her. She is allowed to be on furniture but readily gets down when told and sleeps on the floor next to “her” person’s side of the bed. However, will sometime sneak onto the guest room bed if the opportunity arises. She has not been crated and would not probably do well with that. She loves to “hug” by pushing her head firmly into your leg or between your legs especially in the morning wake up routine. All in all, she is one very special dog who will do best if someone is home with her most of the time. She is not used to people being gone all day most days. She has not been around young children ( babies and toddlers) and has done well with nice children above the really young age/ aggressive children she will try to avoid but I could not guarantee how she would do with a child who is a teaser or the ones who may try to scare her. I have had a hard fast rule about how children treat animals and so she has not been subjected to behaviors with the intent of harm or fear. She is entirely up to date with vaccines and maintains a healthy under 50 lb weight altho she is allowed to have food available in her bowl ( usually a health size scoop is not consumed in less than a day’s time. She was fixed as soon as the vet allowed and has never had pups. She will put new dog and cat friends in their place but never harmfully so. If you believe you could love her fully and be “her special person” please call so we can meet and you can get to know her better in person. I am looking forward to meeting you. And of course, we ask for nothing but her good care and a FOREVER home that is gentle and loving. Her balls, leashes, etc will certain go along with her if you accept her and she you.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing Expires: 7-13
Breed: Viszla/Lab
Sex: Female
Age: 6 Years
Color: Red