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Mushu & Ella1.jpg
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If you are interested in adopting Mushu & Ella, please contact their caregiver, Amber, directly at 406-690-9231 or

Very loving and playful sisters. Very well trained and well behaved. They love cuddling in the lap or would sit right next to you. Friendly and confident – font shy away from guests. Favorite toy is a ball made out of aluminum foil and favorite past time is watching a movie on iPad while sitting in the lap. Both can swipe left or tight on iPad . They stay together and groom each other. I can’t imagine separating them. They do go out in the yard but after a little stroll around and checking on chickens they come back inside. Both have calm yet curious nature – for example, both would go close to the vacuum cleaner or a plumber to investigate.


Current Status: Available
Breed: DSH
Sex: Female
Age: 6 months
Color: Brown Tabbies