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If you are interested in adopting Oliver, please contact his caregiver, Joyce, directly at 406-702-3829 or joycezinkowich@gmail.com.

Ollie came into our family from a brief stay in a home that had 5 children ages 7 down. My friend had gotten his brother a few weeks before and was the last one sold by the breeder. But then I got the call that the home Ollie was in was not working. He was not doing well with the children, said to be too aggressive and was biting the kids. Of course at this time he was only 12 weeks old and I was happy to relieve Ollie of that home. He has a lot of fun and sometimes frustration but always loved. Ollie, I will admit, is a yapper; most generally if I go with him outside or come outside after letting him out. I have decided it is a show off thing. I am his “special” person and he is particularly attached to me which makes this difficult but it is what I must do. I need to be assured that his new “special” person will treat him with love and gentleness but firmly as well. You see, I truly love this little guy who often thinks he is 10 feet tall and nothing is too great a challenge for him. Ollie loves to run the perimeter of the yard…sniffing for any kind of intruder that might have come along in his absence. He is not as prone now to his extended ballerina stretch but still does it at times when he is happy. It goes like this…. he runs and as he is going very fast he extends his front legs out above the ground and somehow simataniously does the same with his back legs so he is stretch out both directions without any feet touching the ground and he will repeat this after landing back on all fours in a blink of the eye and round and round he goes. He does not seem to mind being out in the rain if it is not a cold down pour and he likes the snow unless it is below 15 * or so. He has some squeeky toys that look like a doughnut without a hole and they have faces on them… He won’t play fetch with a ball but those OH YES!! Unlike his”sister” HoneyBuns, he will bring it to you every time and drop it in your hand or right by your feet to throw again. He also has a few small stuffies he likes to shake and toss around. When all else fails, he hunts down a rock the size of a lemon or so and pushes, pulls and all the while whines and cries over it. He does not have the go all day stamina his “sister” has and when tired prefers you to sit and let me sleep in your lap – usually with his belly up and his head hanging over the side of your leg. Ollie is smart and learns fast but has a mild stubborn streak and sees thru any deceptive practice on my part of fool him into doing my bidding. Like so many little dogs, he listens when I am talking to him … tilting his head and making facial movements that make one believe he will suddenly answer you in real words. And at times it almost sound like he is learning our vocabulary. He can walk on his hinders alone clear across the kitchen floor if I have a morsel of something he would like to have. I never taught that to him… he just did it on his own. He knows sit, stay, wait, find your …. squeeky or stuffie. He lets me know when there is someone at the door and whether it is someone he knows or not. He definately has an alarm bark so between he and Honey… he is my protector. Ollie generally likes everyone but will alarm bark at someone wearing sunglass, hats, hoodies and the masks drove his crazy. I have I believe gotten him to understand if I say friend then he seems to accept better but can be on guard for ??? He likes to play with the cats and a bit rough but my cats don’t mind and Ripple kitty actually gets rougher than Ollie and seeks him out for play. Ollie, as I said earlier, was around young children and because he was a baby himself it was a given he would nip and jump and bite and chase. It is our belief that the childrens’ parents would either swat him or kick his rear end and because of that caution is taken. He will snarl if you push him out of the way with your foot but never has bit. However, he is so tolerant when it comes to brushing his long and often tangled. If I really pull too hard he has been known to yip and spin his head to where my hand is but then lick lick lick. I can clean his interior ears, look at his teeth, cut any bad snarls out, trim around his eyes with no issues. Mostly he is a very happy go lucky kind of guy. He does require alot of attention and hates being left so ( as with his “sister” ) his new FOREVER home needs to have someone who is more of a stay home person than a 9-5 5 days a week person. He has not been crated and would say it probably would not be a good thing. Ollie is allowed on furniture but will get down on request and he sleeps on the floor next to our bed but if I nap in afternoon he will join me for that on the bed. I do keep covers on the furniture due to the hair issues. Ollie once in the tub or the walk in shower with me tolerates a good shampoo with tearless shampoo and a must twice a month. I also use a light people conditioner or that Mane and Tail for horses once he is rinsed well and try not to entirely rinse all of it out. It makes combing and brushing the damp hair easier and once dry his hair looks fluffy and fully of wave. He actually enjoys the brushing unless one gets too aggressive with the brush and com. Ollie eats dry food exclusively with a milk bone or other treat in AM after first potty time. Some people food and some treats can cause him some tummy problems results in another bath sooner than planned! He takes treats and people food from fingers ever so gently and only a rare too good to remember to wait but a quick reminder of “gentle” puts him on track. Ollie walks well on a leash but I will use a harness as well when out camping. He tolerates the tie out fairly well but has a tendency to get tangled under picnic tables and such but he is never left without supervision. He rides well in the car, boat and rv…he will bark at cars with dogs and in town at pedestrians. No pacing and not alot of pit stops tho. He is current on all vaccines and has been neutered early on. His toys and bed and things would of course go with you if you are the right person and the fit is right for him as well. We ask nothing but a loving FOREVER home for this very special little guy who wormed his way deep into my heart. We want only the best for him and for you. If you feel you could give him attention , love and a good home please call. Looking forward to meeting you.

Current Status: Available
Arms ID: Listing Expires: 7-13
Breed: Tibetan Terrier? mix
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years
Color: White and Brown